Omkari Williams

Coaching Packages



To get started we will schedule an initial 30 minute consult during which time you get your questions answered and get to have an experience of what it is like to work with me.

Sessions (excluding initial consult) are typically one hour but half-hour sessions may also be scheduled after our first four sessions. After your first four sessions (which must be used within 6 weeks) all additional sessions may be used as you wish within 12 months of purchase.

After each coaching session you receive an email follow up to help keep your momentum going.

  • Four session package:  COST $600
  • *Eight session package:  COST $1140 (you save 5%)
  • *Twelve session package:  COST $1620 (you save 10%)

*The eight and twelve session packages are perfect if you are working on a larger, longer term life project and would like to have help throughout the process to make sure that you stay on track!

  • One hour tune up:  COST $150

This is ideal if you just need the human version of a new air filter or an oil change. You may schedule tune ups (after an initial four session package) as often, or occasionally, as you wish.

To schedule your complimentary session go here.